Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valued Testimonials

TESTIMONIALS from Clients at Dr. Shelly Byrd's Natural Solutions for Health Concerns.  Please visit my website www.shellybyrd.com.

Unresolved Nausea -- For many years, I was waking up every morning at 2:30 AM having strong nausea. I went to different specialty doctors in US and I even went to Europe to be completely checked. All the doctors told me that they couldn’t find anything wrong with me, but I had still the same problems.  I met Shelly and I told her about my health issue. I came to her office for a test and she told me that my liver and gall bladder were very weak.  She recommended different herbs and herbal teas to use daily. In just a couple of weeks my nausea went completely away and now I get a great sleep. I highly recommend Shelly, because she changed my life and because she cares so much about people. L.G.

Hot Flashes -- When I went to Shelly I was having anxiety and hot flashes among other health problems.  She then recommended supplements and homeopathics that really helped balance my system and relieve the hot flashes.  I definitely will go back. S.L.

Allergies -- Shelly was very professional and thorough. She is a very patient and compassionate person.  Shelly has been helpful with treating my husbands allergies to food. S.T.

Bacterial Infection -- Shelly was great at figuring out how to get rid of the bumps that showed up around my 9 year old's mouth. The dermatologist was expensive and was not able to help us.  Shelly discovered the cause was a rare bacterial infection, and recommended a homeopathic remedy.  Within a week they started disappearing and were all gone in 2 weeks. It was amazing! From now on Shelly will be my first call! S. M.

Ulcer -- I owe a debt of gratitude to Shelly!! I was in extreme pain for 14 months due to an ulcer. No amount of medication from the Gastroenterologist would help my pain. Shelly had the answer, and suggested an herbal remedy and I couldn't believe the results. I went from being unable to eat anything to feeling so much better and able to eat a normal diet within 4 days. She went above and beyond in her words of encouragement to keep living.... I truly believe Shelly is more than qualified to be a motivational speaker, life coach and a holistic practitioner. I constantly suggest my friends to enlist Shelly's help!! M.V.

Balancing Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies -- I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for this “aging” body, you can tell by all the referrals I send to you. Most people my age have a bag of prescriptions ~ all with “side effects” which is the main reason I avoid them.  I also appreciate your honesty, your genuine concern for your patients, and your prayers to the true “healer” of the universe! A.L.

Recommendation from the Dean -- Great work. You obviously have a very exceptional understanding of homeopathy. Very impressive. I’m glad you use it as one of your modalities in your practice as you have a gift for it. Dr. M., Dean -- University of Natural Medicine

Adrenal Fatigue -- I can say that after going through much of an ordeal with my husband my health needed an overhaul. Mainly my adrenals were impacted. You have helped in setting me up with the right product to bring my adrenal back to normal. Also, I was able to get off the prescription my doctor had me on for high triglycerides. C.S.

General Malaise -- Thank you for your kind spirit. Your kindness is reflected in your business. When I was ill, you gave me the information and insight into why my body was not working the way it should be. The products that I purchased have helped my recovery kick into high gear. I am feeling better than ever. Thanks for being there for me. T.R.

Leg Cramps -- I feel so fortunate to have found Shelly Byrd. I’ve been seeing Shelly Byrd for about 3 years. Shelly really cares about my health and wants to make sure that I maintain and retain optimum health. Specifically, Shelly has helped me eradicate painful night time leg and foot cramps and significantly improve my energy levels. Thank you Shelly! J.L.

Neuropathy -- Dear Shelly, all of your help and assistance has been greatly appreciated and has helped me a lot.  You have a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate having you close by. W.T.

Stress Management -- Going thru the worst time in my life (divorce) and having my life change completely, I knew my body was going to break down. When I came to Shelly she had me supplement to keep my body healthy. With the shock that I was going through I have remained healthy with no major colds or flu in the last three years. Shelly has also helped me improve with a non curable disease (per the medical field) even my medical doctor was impressed. I have been so blessed to know Shelly with all her knowledge in the natural health field. Going into my fifties, I remain happy and healthy. D.H.

Gallbladder -- I came to Shelly with a gallbladder problem.  My doctor wanted to remove it, but after the research and direction Shelly provided, my gallbladder health has improved, and I was able to make healthy choices to prolong my life.  Shelly is very knowledgeable and her warm, caring personality are soothing, too. B. H.

Immune System -- I don't know where I would be without you. When I first came to you almost 2 years ago I was not healthy in any way. I was scheduled to have surgery and was turned away the day of surgery twice because my white blood cells were too high. I was cleared for all of the logical medical reasons that would make my white cells high so the medical doctors were not sure what to do with me. I told Shelly my issue and she gave me something she thought would help and I took it for a few weeks and not only did my white blood cells go to normal range to where I could have surgery they were in the optimal range. P. M.

Hidden Causes of Ill Health -- Shelly was instrumental in finding out why my health was suffering. You can tell that she loves what she does as she is very informative and passionate. She really takes a personal interest in you as her client, which feels good. The testing she uses is modern and state of the art, very cool. Thanks Shelly! S. C.

Blood Pressure -- When my blood pressure shot up, she got me the appropriate supplements to lower it in just two short weeks. I also had a bladder infection that kept coming back while using antibiotics from my medical doctor. Once she started me on some homeopathic, it went away and never came back. She is an amazing gift! P.W.

Better Sleep -- Thank you for seeing me in your office. The test you gave me helped to determine what vitamins and minerals my body was lacking. It seems I am sleeping better and longer. So thank you again for helping me and encouraging me. N.B.

Increased Energy -- Just want to let you know you helped me with energy level of my health tremendously. You give cordial, gracious, listening and understanding care. F.C.

Lymphatic Infection – My horse had an unresolved illness.  The vet was not able to determine why he was sick and nearly dead.  With your help, it all made sense when you told me that he was dealing with a long term internal infection in his lymphatic system. With your herbal and nutritional advice you gave me to try for him, I am very happy to say he is feeling better and doing well and he is not sick anymore! Finding you was truly a blessing, and I thank you again for your devotion to helping us save my horse. P. & K.

Anemia -- After paying thousands of dollars with MD’s and not getting any results, I shared with Shelly the extreme fatigue symptoms my daughter was having and she prescribed a supplement to help her. We saw favorable results within just a few weeks and my daughter feels so much better. After seeing multiple doctors, Shelly was a breathe of fresh air. She is calm and knowledgeable and we thank her form the bottom of our hearts for her help! S.R.

General Care -- Thank you for helping me stay positive and make healthy decisions.  Sometimes I think that there's a reason for everything and I think what you've gone through had it's purpose to build you up stronger and have compassion for other people and really help others like me. So I take everything that you say as a great lesson, I'm opened to any of your words of wisdom.  Thank You!!! I love you!!! G.B.

Triglycerides -- Thank you for helping my daughter with her headaches, stomach aches and lack of energy.  She had been suffering with them for over 2 years.  We had taken her to numerous doctors for many tests, but nothing seemed to change her symptoms.  Shelly gave her dietary suggestions and supplements.  When we went back two months later to see Shelly, we were thrilled to see the numbers on her blood work, and changes in our daughter.  She was no longer having headaches or stomach aches, had a 52 point drop in her Triglycerides, and a significant improvement in her immune system.  K.B.

Other Benefits -- My clients have achieved greater wellness in the areas of:

Poor Sleep                                        Headaches

Fatigue                                             Cholesterol

Anxiousness                                     Triglycerides

Low Mood                                         Blood Pressure

Attention Difficulties                          Emotional Strength

Excess Energy                                  Constipation

Immune Issues                                  Edema

Cravings                                            Joint Pain

Intestinal Complaints                         Bone Density

Poor Cognitive Function                    Anything from A to Z

Weight Problems                               Blood/Urine/Saliva Analysis

Food Sensitivities/Allergies

Excess Stress

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